Sue is the main character of different games created by iBravo. Sue is a nice-looking feminine girl. In her games Sue does the things girls like to do, mostly cooking and hairdressing. Sue is a popular character, and there surely will be more games with more themes. Sue is a Korean speaker, which means that anyone who doesn't speak this great language will not be able to read game instructions. It's highly recommended to read the description provided by before starting a game, unless you want to find out how it works yourself.
This game is in Korean and it will soon have comments like "Translate it to English! We don't speak Chinese!". Guys, this game is not ours and we cannot translate it. All we can do is to explain how it works here, in this description, but it serves for nothing if you don't read it.
It's another game from Sue series. This time Sue and her friends have a music band. You need to help them play music. You'll have musical notes moving from right to left in the top of the screen. There'll be a highlighted area where the notes need to be played. To play a note correctly you need to click on the right instrument when the note is in the highlighted area. You now which note goes to which instrument by the color. For example, when playing drums and a green note enters the highlighted area you need to click on the green drum. The musicians involved in playing will change and you'll have different sets of instruments in different songs..
This game is in Korean, but don't worry. You don't need any instructions to play it. Sue is making sandwiches. The bottom bread is already on the plate. You have a sequence of ingredients you need to put into the sandwich in the top part of the screen. In the middle there's sort of slot machine with ingredient symbols on its wheels. Clicking on one of the wheels you stop it. Stop the first wheel when the first ingredient is in the middle, the second wheel when the second one is there etc. If you make a mistake, you lose the sandwich you were making and need to start anew.
In this game Sue is making ketchup. She needs to grow tomatoes and to process them in a ketchup machine. There are 2 parts of the screen: the one where tomatoes grow and the other one where the machine is. You can swich between these two parts pressing Space. The rest of the game is controlled by the mouse. There are 7 spots where you can grow tomato plants. To grow a plant click on the icon with a watering can you have in the bottom of the screen and then on one of the spots to make the plant grow. Repeat the process 2 more times to make the plant grow completely and start giving tomatoes. The next time you will only need to water this plant once and the tomatoes will start growing. Now, you need to catch the moment when the tomatoes become ripe, but not over-ripe. You need to collect them very quickly right after they turn red. Click on a tomato once to collect it and then click on the blue and white circle in the left part of the ketchup machine to send the tomato to the machine. If the tomato is OK, the machine will take it and the number in the pink circle will increase. Once this number reaches 20, the circle becomes the "Start" button. Press it to activate the machine. You will have the ketchup ready in a moment. Now you need to bottle it. Move to the right part of the screen with Space and press the blinking button over the bottles several times until the reservoir is empty. When you are done, Sue will take the cart with the ketchup and you'll get a yellow watering can. When you water tomato plants with the new can, they grow much faster and there are 4 tomatoes on each plant instead of 2. It's good, but now you need to collect them even faster to not spoil them. As far as I understand, you need to earn 12.000 points before the time ends to pass this game.
In this game Sue needs to add sauce and garnish to different meals. The meals will be moving from right to left. Click on the sauce spoon to take the current sauce and then on the meal to put it there. To change the sauce press Space. You also have a salad, danmuji and soy sauce. Click on one of these items in the bottom right corner and then on where they need to go. Salad is used as a topping for meals and damunji and soy sauce go to the cups you'll see near the meals. There are very strict rules about what sauce and what garnish goes with every meal. You need to memorize the combination you see before the game starts.
In this game Sue is knitting. You have the scheme of the future item on the screen and threads of different colors to your right. Choose the thread of the right color and start knitting with the left and right arrow. If you press the arrow that corresponds to the current knitting direction, you progress one step. If you press the opposite arrow, you undo the last step. Remember to change threads when the color on the scheme is changing.
This is a gardening game and you need to help Sue grow flowers in her garden. The first thing you need to do to plant a flower is to dig a hole in the ground. Click on the little shovel and then on one of the round spaces in the garden to dig a hole. Then you need to put seeds in the hole. Click on one of the seeds in the bottom-left part of the screen and then on the hole to put seeds there. To make flowers grow you need to water them or use magic potion. Click on the watering can or on the magic potion and then on the flower to make it grow. When flowers grow some bad grasses may grow too. Use the scissors to cut these bad grasses. If a flower grows too big it may attract insects that will spoil the flower. Use the anti-insects spray to get rid of them.

Warning: As all other Sue games, this one is in Korean, so if you want to read the instructions, read them here:
In this game Sue has a beauty salon for dogs. Dogs will be moving from right to left in the bottom of the screen. You need to take each dog with your mouse and perform a number of actions:

- Wash the dog (drag it to the bathtub).
- Drag the dog to the red puff in the middle.
- Dry the dog's hair (click on the hairdryer on the wall and then on the dog).
- Cut the dogs hair (click on the scissors and then on the dog several times).
- Dress the dog (click on the compliment that suits the dog and then on the dog).

All these actions must be done before the dog's pillow moves off the screen. If you succeed to do it, drag the dog to its pillow to earn the points you deserve.
In this game Sue makes jewelry pieces. The bases are moving from right to left in the bottom of the screen. Your goal is to place correct gems into correct spots on the base before it reaches the darker area. The hardest part of the game is to remember the combinations. You have a book with the instruction for every certain piece of jewelry. Sue holds this book in her hands. Click on it to open and read it. However, the book can only be opened 3 times and you need to make 20 pieces, so you certainly must learn the combinations by heart.
In this game Sue makes cakes. First, you select the cake you want to make. Then you need to choose the right ingredients for the base. When the base is ready, you need to select the dressing and to decorate the cake appropriately. Remember that you not making any cake, but the cake you have selected.
In this game Sue makes ice creams in an ice cubes mold. Each ice cream must consist of 2 creams: a pink one and a chocolate one. Creams must be put one after another into the same slot. It doesn't matter which one comes first. The resulting ice cream depends on the order, but your score doesn't. After you put two creams into each mold, you need to stick a little wooden stick you have in the pot near the creams and freeze all this. To start freezing, press the pink button on the mold you want to freeze.
In this game Sue needs to unite parts of the clothes. The clothes will be moving from right to left in the bottom part of the screen. Each piece will have numbers from 1 to 4 located on the 4 sides of the item. You will need to press the corresponding arrow keys in the same order as numbers appear. For example, if 1 is in the top, 2 is in the bottom, 3 is to the right and 4 is to the left, you will need to press up, down, right, left. If you miss one item, you lose.
In this game our friend Sue is cooking meals with oriental noodles. Apart from noodles these meals include a boiled egg, some onion and spices. To start cooking the meal, spill boiling water from the tea pot into one of the bowls. Take all 4 necessary ingredients from the shelf and put them into the bowl too. When the water in the bowl starts boiling intensively, remove it from the stove and put on the tray to your right. You have 4 bowls on the fire and can cook 4 meals simultaneously.
In this game you need to create Sue dolls out of different parts. You get the body and need to mount legs, head and probably a skirt. Your goal is to create as many Sue dolls as possible in the given time, but you must remember that all the clothes and the hair must suit. You have a style and a color sliders for legs, skirts and pants and front hair and rear hair sliders to change the color of the hair. The instructions of the game are in Korean, but if you skip to the last page you will find a picture that shows what clothes suit each other.
This is a sequel to Hairdressing game. You need to arrange Sue's hair according to the picture using different hairdressing tools. This time you're preparing Sue for performing on the stage, so after arranging her hair, you will also need to dress her up.
This game is similar to Sue The Hairdresser. You need to arrange Sue's hair the way she wants it. You can use various hairdressing tools to achieve your target. Unlike Sue The Hairdresser, here you only see the picture of the resulting haircut for several seconds in the beginning, and can't look at it once again.
In this game Sue works as a hairdresser your first mission is to arrange the hair of a boy. The boy chooses the picture in the album (in fact, you do it with your mouse) and you need to make his hair look as the one at the picture. You start cutting hair with the scissors, and then can use a whole lot of different hairdresser tools to achieve your target. You can look at the picture a couple times clicking the heart in the bottom left corner. You can change the tool you are using, clicking the right arrow in the bottom of the screen and then selecting the tool in the right part.
In this game Sue prepares dumplings and adds them to a kind of Oriental soup. You have dough balls. The first thing you need to do is to flat these balls. Then you need to add the staffing you have to your right, fry the dumpling and finally add it to a soup bowl. You must put 2 dumplings in every bowl. Do not miss any bowls, or you will lose lives. To fry dumplings you need to turn on the frying pen to your left and place the dumplings there. Be sure to remove them before they're overcooked.
This is another game with Sue as its main character. This time Sue makes a kind of potato sticks. She must take care of the whole process from growing potatoes to packing the final product. You have two types of potatoes. In the end, you will need to choose the right bag for the sort of potatoes you are using. To make potato sticks you need to:
  1. Water one of the potatoes on the field two times to make it grow. To water a potato you need click on the pink watering can in the bottom of the screen then on the potato.
  2. Water a grown potato again to make it strike a root and create a new potato.
  3. Click on a new potato to collect it.
  4. Place it on the barbeque.
  5. Remove it when it's fried and place it on the entrance trench of the machine.
  6. While you have less than 10 potatoes in the machine, the entrance hole will show the current number of potatoes. Once you have 10, the entrance will be closed and you'll have "Start" button on the door. Press it to start producing the dough.
  7. when the dough is ready, it will move to the small sphere of the machine. Select the right bag and pull the lever on the small sphere to throw ready sticks into the bag. You must throw to dozes of sticks to complete 1 bag.
Press Space to move the screen.
Instead of frying a potato, you can plant it elsewhere and have more potato bushes.
This is one of many games about a girl called Sue. In this game Sue prepares sushi. The game is quite challenging. Apart from understanding Korean you must have very good memory and be quick. In the beginning you are given a scheme according to which you know what kind of sushi you need to prepare and on what plate you should place it. To prepare a sushi, click and drag the bread onto the little table in the middle, then drag the green paste onto the bread. Do the same thing with the seafood. To finish a sushi, you need to tie it with a black ribbon and drag it onto the plate of the right color.
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