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Christmas Cookies
This is a cookie baking game. Clients will ask you for cookies of a specific type. In the first level only one type is available, so there's not much choice. Click on the shape that represents the cookie type. A tray with molds of this shape will appear. Click on the bowl with dough to take it. Click on the mold tray to fill the molds. Click on the oven to put the tray there. An icon of the cookie shape and a timer will appear. The timer tells you when to take the cookies off. It also rings when it's the time. You need to click on the cookie icon to take off the cookies. You can put 2 different trays into the oven and each one will have its separate icon and separate timer. When you have the ready cookies you need to click on the paper bag to serve them to the client.
Added 25-Dec-09
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