Genre: Strategy
Added: 27-Apr-08
Played: 37,147 times
Rating: 8.09
This is a strategy game in which you need to conquer lands. You start with 3 types of units. There's an arrow on your side of the battlefield. You can move this arrow up and down with the up and down arrows or with W and S. When you press Space you release the selected type of unit. To change the unit type, use the left and right arrows or A and D. The unit will appear where the arrow is and will move horizontally towards the enemy territory. The unit will fight enemy units on the same horizontal line. If the unit reaches the other side of the battlefield alive, the balance bar in the top moves right. If a sufficient amount of units reach the enemy territory and the balance bar gets to the right edge, you win the battle. You get a special attack after every 20 kills. Select one of the unit types and press Q to use the special attack (a line of 8 units of the selected type).
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