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Fried Sausages
This game is relatively simple. You need to cook fried sausages as quickly as possible. These are not regular hot dogs, but probably a kind of Oriental snack, because you don't just fry them, but dip them in some kind of sauce before putting them into the boiling oil. So, your schedule must be like this: You take a sausage from the left, dip it the white sauce and place it in the deep fryer. When you believe that a sausage is ready, click on it to place it under ketchup machine. Click on the ketchup bottle above the sausage to spill some ketchup. That's it. After it, the sausage is sold. The most difficult part of this game is to calculate the moment when the sausage is perfectly ready. There's no visual progress. You must calculate the time yourself. However, if a sausage if raw or overcooked, you still get 30 points. If it's fried perfectly, you get 70.
Added 28-Jun-07
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