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Dragon Defender
This is an unusual sort of Tower Defense. Some bad guys are trying to steal dragon eggs fron the dragon nest. Your goal is to not let them do it. You can hire heroes and place them on the walls that define the path the bad guys need to follow. The heroes attack the invaders and must kill them before they steal the eggs. Unlike typical TD's, here some enemies don't just go towards the target, but may attack your heroes and you'll need to send them to the healing spot to restore their HP. While they're walking, they don't attack the enemies, so deciding when to heal your hero is part of the strategy. Besides, the enemies don't achieve their goal when they reach the nest. They take some eggs and need to return with them You can kill them on your way back and the eggs will remain yours, but they'll remain where you kill the thief, so the next enemy will need to walk less to reach them.
Added 14-Apr-11
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