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Sami's Tea Restaurant
This is a nicely made restaurant game. It's a tea restaurant with private departments. When a group of clients enters, you need to send them to one of the departments. Simply click on the department to do it. Then the clients will ask for things. You have 2 girls. One of them takes care of drinks and the other one of supportive items. To bring something a client wants you first need to pick it up in the bottom of the screen. Note that if the girl that needs to take the thing already carries something, you first need to make her put away the objects she's carrying. Click on its location in the bottom of the screen to do so. If a department needs to be cleaned send the second girl there with the cleaning materials. The rightmost item in the bottom is used to refill drinks. click on it and on an empty drink to refill it.
Added 29-May-10
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