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Ben 10: Sumo Slammer Samurai
This game is based on the Ben 10 episode where Ben is trapped in Sumo Slammer Smakdown video game. Your goal is to pass all levels and to defeat all bosses in order to return to the real world. You walk and jump with the arrow keys. Press Z to hit enemies with your sword and X to throw shurikens. When you defeat bosses you learn to transform into Ben 10 aliens. Press and hold space bar to make the Omnitrix menu appear. Press the left arrow to transform into Cannonbolt and the right arrow to transform into Fourarms. Fourarms breaks walls of specific type if you press the combination of letters that appears next to the wall in the same order. Cannonbolt can roll and break walls of other type. Both aliens can attack enemies, but neither of them can jump, so to move on you normally need to trasform back into Ben 10. Press space bar to do so.
Added 23-Apr-10
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