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Class 3 Outbreak
This is an original real time strategy game. You're a mayor of a town and your goal is to try and protect it from zombies. There will be zombie outbreaks in various locations in your town. Your goal is to sent police squads to kill the zombies. The faster you do it, the less people will get infected and the faster you put an end to the outbreak. Unfortunately, these outbreaks is the less important problem you'll need to face. Zombies will start arriving from outside your town in huge numbers. You'll first need to fight them, but then the government will understand that it's useless and will order you to evacuate certain people before they drop the nuclear bomb on the city. At this point you can forget about killing zombies or saving civilians. You must find the people you're told to find, to bring them to the helicopter and to evacuate them.
Added 15-Apr-10
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