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Elevator Fart
In this game you are a guy who ate spicy chili beans and whose stomach is full of gases that are going to break out. Unfortunately, you're in an elevator and it's not the best place to release your gases. Besides, there are other people in the elevator with you. Your goal is to pass your gases the way others won't notice. Click and hold the mouse button to fart. Move the cursor left and right while farting to adjust the volume of the fart. Louder fart release more gases, but are more noticeable. Find the best fart volume to make sure your stomach doesn't get full and others don't catch you. When you see a question mark above a person's head, it means that the person has noticed something. If the question mark becomes exclamation mark, the person suspects you. It's the time to stop farting or you'll get caught.
Added 10-Oct-09
Played 100,216 times
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