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Huje Tower
Hujos are intelligent bacterias who live in the sewer. They were living there happily until one day they saw the sky. Now they're totally obsessed about reaching the sky. Hujos have an interesting ability to produce some sort of sticks that can be used to join various Hujos together and to create a construction. You need to take advantage of this ability and build towers joining Hujos together. Your goal in each level is to make the tower higher than the target line. Once you place a Hujo above the target line, the countdown starts. If in the end of the countdown your tower is still standing you pass the level. You have all the available Hujos somewhere around. Drag them with your mouse and place them where you need them and where they can be connected to other Hujos. You'll find various types of Hujos with different abilities and other elements that will affect your tower.
Added 6-Oct-09
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