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King of Drift
This is an excellent racing game. Actually, the correct definition would be drifting game, because although you participate in a race, finishing the track first is not the main goal of the game. To pass a track you must earn more points than other cars. You earn points for drifts, and not for any kind of drifts, but only for successful ones. While your car is drifting drift points are increasing. When you finish drifting, the points remain on the screen for a while. If you start another drift while the points are there, the points continue rising. If you don't, these points become your points unless you hit the border of the road. Hitting the border resets your drifting points any time it occurs, so no matter how good your drift or your series of drifts was, it'll give you zero points if you hit the border before the points pass to your score. The racing part of the game has it's importance too. Although finishing first is not obligatory, you'll be losing points every once in a while since the moment the first car arrives to the finish until the moment you get there. This means that the faster you get to the finish, the less points you'll lose.
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