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Ben 10: Upchuck Unleashed
In this game Ben 10 fights some evil knights and needs to defeat their king as the final objective. The alien Ben selects for this mission is Upchuck, the one that eats everything. Upchuck can throw its 4 tongues, catchy all kinds of objects with them and eat these objects. Press space to throw your tongues when your stomach is empty. When you eat something, you can throw green balls and hit enemies with them. Press space to do it. When you run out of balls, you can eat something else. Eatable objects are all kinds of crates and barrels. You must make sure you avoid enemies' swords and fists. You can move faster rolling on the floor. Press X to start rolling. If you're hit by an enemy, you lose Omnitrix energy. You can recharge you Omnitrix collecting green dots. If you run out of Omnitrix power you become Ben. Being Ben you can't eat crates, can't shoot balls and can't roll. Besides, a single hit can easily kill you. In other words, when you're Ben, run for your life and look for green energy dots or for the exit. By the way, doors are opened with keys. To open a door of certain color you must collect a key of the same color first.
Added 12-Jun-09
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