Sugar Free Games
In this interesting and original game you have balls with positive, negative and neutral charges. The balls roll and interact with each other following the physics laws. If 2 balls with the same charge hit each other, they form a bigger ball of the same charge. If 2 balls of opposite charges hit, they eliminate each other. However, if one of the balls is bigger, it will not be eliminated completely, but the mass of the other ball will be reduced from it, making it smaller. If a neutral ball hits a positive or a negative ball, the bounce, but do not interact otherwise. Your goal is to eliminate all positive and negative balls. You must take the balls you have clicking on them in the top part of the screen and place them somewhere above the radiation line on the screen. Then you press play and physics start working. The radiation line is the border between the greener bottom part and the rest of the game area.
Added 27-Apr-09
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