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Dough Master
This game is in Japanese. If you don't speak it, you may need to read this description to learn to play this game. In this game you are making dough for a pizza. There are 4 parts of the game and each one is played differently. In the first part you're putting flour to the bowl. To do it you need to quickly click on the flour sack until the time is over. The faster you click, the more flour you put and the more points you earn. In the second part you need to add water to the dough. Click on the tap and hold the mouse button to fill the glass. You must release the button when the water level in the glass is somewhere between the 2 red lines. If you release it before or after you lose the current glass. In the third part you need to mix the dough. Click and hold the mouse button to move the mixing tool in circles. You must release the button and press it again in the end of each circle. In the last part you cut the dough. Click on all dotted lines from left to right before the time is over to successfully cut the piece of dough.
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