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Demon Solitaire
This is a card solitaire game that has some similarities with the most popular card solitaire that comes with Windows. In this game you have deck you can scroll, 4 columns you can continue decreasing the rank and alternating the color and 4 slots in the top you need to fill with 4 suits increasing the rank. These are the similarities, now the differences: You do not have any cards under your columns, but you have a stack with 1 card at its top. When you completely remove one of the columns, this card automatically goes to the free space opening the next card in the stack. The slots in the top don't start from Ace, but from a certain rank that is different for each game. You need to increase the rank until you get to Ace. Then you'll need to continue with 2. The same thing happens with the columns. When you get down to 2 you can continue with Ace..
Added 9-Dec-08
Played 100,263 times
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