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Kaire's Ice Cream Shoppe
In this game you sell ice cream to the clients. You not only need to prepare ice creams in accordance to the customers' orders, but also to take care of your stocks. Actually, you start the game doing that. You have enough money to buy a lot of everything, but 5 units of each item is more then enough for the first level. When you're done shopping for general supplies, you'll need to fill your buckets with ice cream. Just scroll through the available ice creams and click on each one to take it to your bucket. When all your buckets are full you can start the day. Customers will come once in a while and will ask for a certain ice cream. You need to make the same ice cream starting from the required cup or cone, dragging it to its place at the top of your stand. Then you'll need to take the spoon from the sink and use it to put balls of ice cream of the right taste in the right order. The last thing to do is to put the required dressing (if any). The dressings you have in the beginning are a chocolate syrup and some cherry cream. When the ice cream is ready take it to the customer and earn your money..
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