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Flash Element TD 2
This is the second part of Flash Element TD. It's a TD game with a somewhat original principle: The creeps don't come to pass through your territory. They come to steal the elements you need to build towers. If they leave you without any elements, you lose. You have the elements in the end of the path. This means that the creeps pass through your territory 2 times before they finish their job. However, if one creep takes an element and you kill it on its way back, it leaves the element where it was killed and another creep can pick it up there saving itself some walking. You earn credits (not to confuse with money) each time you kill a boss. If you have at least one credit in the end of a wave you can use it to return all elements moved by creeps to their places. You can also spend your credits to buy new elements and to invest them in increasing your score (sometimes with a risk for your life)..
Added 4-Dec-08
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