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Global One Water Game
One Water is a humanitarian project aimed to solve water problems in dry regions, above all in Africa. In this game you have a number of play pumps and some kids. Play pumps can be spun by up to 5 kids and pump water to the dry regions. The more kids you have spinning a pump, the faster they spin it. The faster the kids spin the pumps, the faster you pump the water. However, if kids get tired, they slow down the work. Replace tired kids by new ones to keep a good rhythm. Click on the pump's wheel to add more kids to it. If the wheel already has 5 kids, the 6th will walk there and stand near the pump waiting until you dismiss one of the kids and he gets a place. To dismiss a tired kid simply click on him/her. You can now if a kid is tired when you see 1 or 3 exclamation marks above the kid's head. If you roll your mouse over a kid you'll see the exact level of the kid's stamina.
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