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Booty Juggler
This is a very stylish and a very hard game. You are a octopus who protects treasure. You protect it from bombs that fall from above. You will catch a bomb or any other object with the hand located at the same vertical line as long as this hand doesn't have any item in it. To throw an item click on it or use hot keys which are A-S-D for the left set of hands and J-K-L for the right set. When you catch a bomb it begins the countdown to the explosion. If it explodes in your hand you lose this hand and can't use it again until you catch a hook. It's not recommended to let bombs explodes in hands. Click on it while it's in your hand to throw it back into the air and catch it with another hand before it falls. Keep it in the air until it explodes. It's also better to not drop any items, which means that to stay alive and have good score you need to be juggling all the time with 6 hands and tones of items.
Added 24-Nov-08
Played 100,245 times
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