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Trick or Treat Adventure Quest
This is another retro Halloween game, but this one is a classical adventure. The game's story is quite depressive. You are boy who has no friends, no respect and no Halloween costume. You first need to find an inspirations for the costume, then make the costume and then get tons of candies. You'll have 4 icons that represent 4 actions: Walk, inspect, speak and touch. You can select one of the actions clicking on the corresponding icon or pressing a hotkey 1-4. Then you need to click somewhere on the screen or in your inventory to apply the selected action to something. You cannot leave your room until you find the inspiration for the costume, so first take a look at what you have in your room. Once you pick up objects you can combine then in your inventory selecting the hand action and clicking on 2 objects one after another.
Added 29-Oct-08
Played 100,346 times
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