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Fish Fry
This is quite a typical cooking game where you need to fry fish for the hungry customers. There are some tables on the beach. Clients will sit at these tables and will ask for a certain number of fried fish. Your goal to serve this number of fish to this client before he/she leaves. You start with a hand following your mouse. Click on the plate with fish in the left part with the hand to take a fish. Then move your mouse to the plate with the brown gravy and dip the fish there clicking the left mouse button. Then put the fish on the grill clicking somewhere on the grill. A fry bar will start to move. When it's within the necessary limit a rotation sign will appear near the fish. It's the moment to flip the fish. You can't do it with your hand. You need to take forceps left to the grill and click on the fish while holding the forceps. After being flipped the fish will need some more time to get cooked. You'll see a circle with a dot near the fish when it's ready to be taken off the grill. Do it the same way you flipped it. Take the forceps and click on the fish. Now take the fish to one of the plates you have in the right part of the working area and leave it there. You'll need to put the forceps back and if there are enough fish on the plate you can drag it to the client who ordered it. It's advisable to fry as many fish as possible in advance, because you'll not have much time after the client comes.
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