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World Wars
In this game several armies are fighting each other to occupy territory and to control the whole map as the final goal. The characters assigned to the armies look like Americans, Soviet and German, which certainly refers to WW2. Yet the game looks simple, it needs a tactical approach. Each player has a number of territories with armies on them. Your territories are blue. You can select any of them and attack one of the adjacent enemy territories. During the battle each of the sides throws several dice. The one who has a higher total number wins. If the numbers are equal, the aggressor loses. The number of dice thrown is equal to the number of units in the army, which means that the army with more units has higher probabilities. The army that wins the battle moves to the opponent's territory leaving 1 soldier behind. In the end of each turn you receive reinforcements. The number of the units you receive is equal to the number of territories in your largest block. This means that to play successfully you need to occupy as many territories as possible and to join them into one block. You can also try and divide enemy territories to leave them with less supplies.
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