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Beer Tapper Gone Wild
This is a version of a classic bar tapper game. You need to fill glasses with beer and throw them along one of the bar stands to the female customers on the other end. The customers will be advancing towards you. If you give a beer to one of the customers she moves back. If she reaches the opposite end she leaves the bar if she doesn't, she drinks her beer and throws the glass back. You MUST catch all the glasses. If one of them breaks you'll lose a life and will need to start this level anew. If you make all customers leave you pass the level. Some customers leave tips. If you can go there and take it, a show will begin and some of the customers will get distracted for a while. You start in Tijuana with really ugly girls. If you succeed to pass the first state, the girls will get prettier. It's anything, but easy. The game is very easy in the first 2 levels and gets extremely hard starting from level 3.
Added 15-Jun-08
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