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Sue Ketchup
In this game Sue is making ketchup. She needs to grow tomatoes and to process them in a ketchup machine. There are 2 parts of the screen: the one where tomatoes grow and the other one where the machine is. You can swich between these two parts pressing Space. The rest of the game is controlled by the mouse. There are 7 spots where you can grow tomato plants. To grow a plant click on the icon with a watering can you have in the bottom of the screen and then on one of the spots to make the plant grow. Repeat the process 2 more times to make the plant grow completely and start giving tomatoes. The next time you will only need to water this plant once and the tomatoes will start growing. Now, you need to catch the moment when the tomatoes become ripe, but not over-ripe. You need to collect them very quickly right after they turn red. Click on a tomato once to collect it and then click on the blue and white circle in the left part of the ketchup machine to send the tomato to the machine. If the tomato is OK, the machine will take it and the number in the pink circle will increase. Once this number reaches 20, the circle becomes the "Start" button. Press it to activate the machine. You will have the ketchup ready in a moment. Now you need to bottle it. Move to the right part of the screen with Space and press the blinking button over the bottles several times until the reservoir is empty. When you are done, Sue will take the cart with the ketchup and you'll get a yellow watering can. When you water tomato plants with the new can, they grow much faster and there are 4 tomatoes on each plant instead of 2. It's good, but now you need to collect them even faster to not spoil them. As far as I understand, you need to earn 12.000 points before the time ends to pass this game.
Added 23-May-08
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