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Although this game may look like the classical Snake, it has nothing to do with it. In this game you do have a snake that needs to catch bullets, but it's done a different way. Your snake always spins. If you do nothing it spins clockwise and while you hold the left mouse button it spins counterclockwise. Holding and releasing the mouse button you can make the snake crawl forward. When you make the snake spin in the same direction for a while, its head touches its tail and forms a circle. Your goal is to encircle the bullets that fly around the screen, but it's not all: When your snake spins clockwise, it's blue. While it spins counterclockwise it's red. You need to encircle red bullets being red and blue bullets being blue. If you don't catch any bullets for a while, you become shorter and may die in the end.
Added 21-May-08
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