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Pack the House: Parking Packers
This is a Disney parking game. It's the time of Mickey's big show and different Disney characters arrive in their cars. You are Max, a parking valet. Your goal is to park every guest's car and to return it back when you're asked so. When a car arrives, drag Max onto it. 2 arrows will appear at the front and the back of the car. If you click and drag the front arrow, you'll move the car forward. If you drag the back one, you'll move it back. Look for parking spots of the same color as the car because they have the appropriate shape. Once a car is parked drag Max to the key booth in the middle of the screen. Then click on the highlighted spot to hand the key there. If a guest wants to take his/her car back, got to the booth first, take the highlighted key, go to the car and drive it to the exit.
Added 16-May-08
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