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Hairdressing Salon for Bald Men
This is not a typical hairdressing game, but rather a parody on hairdressing games or simply a joke. You are hairdresser in a salon for bald men. What you basically do is to choose wigs for every bald client. In the beginning of each level you are shown a picture with all the clients and their wigs. You must remember these combinations and then distribute right wigs to right clients. You will see the current wig in the top right corner. You need to find the client this wig belong to and click on him. If you can't remember the wig-client combination, you can look at the scheme once again. Click on the sheet of paper you have in the top left corner to do it. Just remember that times you can look at the paper are limited. After some levels you will get a bonus level where you'll need to polish someone's bald head or do similar things.
Added 19-May-08
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