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Armed with Wings
This is a truly original game where you are a sort of an Oriental warrior. You have a sword to fight the forces of evil and an eagle to help you with this. The eagle helps you distract the enemies and to collect objects. Use the arrow keys to move left and right. Press Z to attack an enemy with your sword. There are several combos you can perform pressing Z several times or in combination with other keys. Press X at the right moment to block an enemy attack. Press A to release your eagle. When you do it, you move your eagle instead of the warrior. To make the eagle return, press A again. To make the eagle stay where it is and to control your warrior press D. The eagle can pick up things. Press S to pick up an object. Release S to drop it. Pass the game's tutorial to learn some interesting tricks.
Added 3-May-08
Played 100,352 times
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