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TNT Runner
This is an interesting puzzle game where you need to help your character escape from explosions and get to the exit manhole. There will be dynamites with timers on the floor. The timers will not change until you make a move. You can move to any free adjacent square in any of the four directions. Each time you move one square, all timers on all dynamites are reduced by one. The timers that reach 0 explode their bombs. Your goal is to make sure you are far enough from the currently exploding bomb. Otherwise, you'll die. Remember that the area affected by the explosion depends on the size of the TNT. Some affect 2 squares around and other only 1. On further levels there will be more tricks like crackled floor blocks that disappear after the explosion leaving holes in the floor or red buttons that block your way until one of the dynamites explodes them.
Added 21-Mar-08
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