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FWG Island
In this game you are a guy living on a small island. Some bad guys want to industrialize your island and you must not let them do it. You have some weapons, so when the bad guys will arrive in their boats, you can kill them. Move your character with A-S-D-W keys and attack with the mouse. You can switch weapons with Q-E. Apart from killing the invaders, you can destroy their boats and structures (if they succeed to build something). Destroying boats is very useful, as new enemies stop appearing from them. Stopping the invasion you earn nature points. These points can be used to upgrade weapons or build defensive structures. However, your main goal is to achieve the required level of island health. The island health is increased by planting trees. You will need to plant them and to protect them from the invaders, which means that you must distribute your nature points smartly.
Added 12-Mar-08
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