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Armor Picross 2
This game's principle is somewhat similar to Windows' Minesweeper. You also need to guess the content of squares according to the numbers. However, it's not the same game. The numbers are located on the edges of the game area and represent the number of "good" squares in the row or the column. Each number represents a group of subsequent "good" squares. If there's a single number in a row or in a column, it means that this row/column has only 1 solid group of "good" squares. If there are several numbers in the same row/column, it means that there are several groups separated by empty spaces. Your goal is to mark all "good" squares on the screen. Click on one to mark it. To make it more convenient, you can also mark "bad" squares. Hold X or Shift and click to mark one of them. Unlike Minesweeper, you can make up to 5 mistakes, so you can (and must) take the risk when it's necessary.
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