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Burger Restaurant
In this game you are working in a burger restaurant. Clients come and ask for burgers with specific ingredients. You must make these burgers and serve them to the clients. You need to bake bread, grill burgers and add sauces and other extra-ingredients. Click on the oven to start baking the bread. Once the bread is ready, the oven will open and you'll be able to take the bread. Click on the burgers stack once or twice to start grilling 1 or 2 burgers. Unlike the oven, burgers keep grilling until you take them from there and put them on the bread, so if you don't do it quickly enough, you can burn a burger and will need to throw it to the bin. When you have a bread and a burger on it, simply click on the required extra-ingredient to add it and then take the burger to the client.
Added 17-Nov-07
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