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In this game you work as a bartender and your task is to mix cocktails and serve them to the clients of the bar. The clients will come to the bar and ask for specific drinks. In the left part of the screen you have a paper with cocktail recipes. Click on it to learn the recipes. To prepare a cocktail you need to add all required ingredients clicking on the levers of their corresponding colors. Once you have all the ingredients in the mixer, press "Mix" button to make the cocktail. The next stage is to serve the drink to the client who asked for it. This is the most delicate part. You need to press "Throw" button and hold it for the correct amount of time. You have a throw power meter in the top of the screen. The power of the throw must be just right to reach the client. If you make a mistake, you will most probably lose the drink and will need to make a new one.
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