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: Dear Sugar-Free-Games users, A completely new version of website is now online. Some old features were removed and some new ones were added. We hope you'll enjoy this new version and keep playing all your favorite games at our site.
: Caravaneer 2 has been officially released. You can play the final version at
: Caravaneer now has an official page. Please visit it at
: Caravaneer 2 crowdfunding campaign closes in 48 hours. This is the last call for claiming one of the remaining perks and helping improve the project. Please visit the page below for more details:

Caravaneer 2 Crowdfunding Campaign
: Dear SFG players, Caravaneer 2 crowdfunding campaign is close to its end and we still need more than $1000 to reach our goal. Please consider donating some money in exchange for some great perks you'll find at Thank you in advance

Dear Sugar Free Games users, we have just started Caravaneer 2 crowdfunding campaign. Please take a look at the crowdfunding page ( and see if you are interested in one of the perks.
: Dear SFG users, We've had some security problems lately. Somebody tried to hack the site. We have closed the loophole this person was using, but it's possible that he has the list of passwords. We apologize for the happening and kindly ask you to change your password as soon as possible.
: Sugar Free Games has got a sister site Games of Honor. It's a site for games of specific genres such as strategy, RPG and similar. Some of the games are taken from Sugar-Free-Games, but there are different ones too. We have also released the first game for the new site. The name is Ad Bellvm. You may have seen it on SFG, but if you want to enable the special features, play Ad Bellvm on Games of
: We're about to start working on the second part of Caravaneer. One of the first steps we took was opening a Facebook page for the game where you can share your ideas, offer your help or just discuss Caravaneer with other fans. Click here to visit the page now.
: SFG Pool used to have problems in multiplayer mode. These problems have been solved. The game is totally stable and works all the time now. We once again apologize for losing the user data and ask you to register anew if your old account was lost.
: We're very sorry to inform you that due to the technical problems the entire user database, including chat and SFG Pool users has been permanantly lost, which means that you cannot acces your accounts opened prior to today. You'll have to open a new account and start from zero. We appologize for this and promise to make everything possible to prevent it from happening again.

Dear users, has suffered sever techical problems and has been down for 2 days. It's now back online, but some information has been lost and some functions still need to be restored. We're terribly sorry for what has happened and we'll try to fix everything we can as soon as possible.


Dear chat users, you probably have noticed that some malicious users were using other people's accounts lately and even banned people under these accounts. Apparently, it has not been done by hacking the system. They were just asking for passwords pretending to be site admins.

Please remember that site administration will never ask you for your password, especially inside the chat. Please don't give away your passwords or any other sensitive information to anyone under no circumstances.

Those who have been banned by the user called Liyaa on 04-Jul, please contact the site administration through the message system (writing a message to admin) or filling up the contact form. In the latter case please specify your exact user name and the time you were banned.

: has just opened an account on Facebook. Please feel free to visit our Facebook page for news updates, discussions, events and more. Click here to go there now.

SFG Mini chat has been down for some time due to a technical problem. It's working now and you're welcome to enter it again.

We apologize for the inconvenience.


About 50 games and 3 game series have been removed from It was done by the request from the company that possesses the exclusive rights for the characters used in these games.

We apologize for the inconvenience.

: has just released a new game. The game's name is Monster Breeding. You buy monsters, take care of them and mate them. The offspring can be sold or used to create more monsters. Your objective is to breed a perfect monsters with top parameters. Click here to play this game now.

Dear SFG users,

Those of you who use the chat may have noticed that there were security problems lately. Some people used other people's accounts without authorization. A security leak in the chat system was used. We studied the implemented methods thoroughly and changed the system eliminating security leaks and taking measures for keeping the malevolent users away. No new cases of security abuse were registered since the measures were taken.

We apologize for the inconvenience caused by the incident and hope you enjoy a safer chat.

: Dear users, has been hacked and was spreading malware during the last few hours. The problem has been fixed and the site is completely safe now. However, if you've been visiting during the last 24 hours, we recommend running an antivirus test on your computer. We deeply apologize for the inconvenience.

There are some minor changes on the site and in the chat. Some bugs have been fixed and some functions have been changed or added. Here are the most important changes:

From now on, if you choose not to show your statistics to other users in you profile's preferences, your statistics will be hidden in chat too. You'll always see your statistics if you click on your own name, but if you see * next to your status it means that other users don't see them.

You can use /me syntax in chat messages. If you type /me in the beginning of a message your message will be shown as an action. In the phrase that describes the action /me will be replaced by your nickname.

You already had an ignore list in chat, but now it also works for messages. You'll not receive messages from users in your ignore list. You can add any user to your ignore list going to the user's profile and pressing "IGNORE THIS USER" button. You can manage your ignore list going to your own profile and pressing "IGNORE LIST".


Dear Sugar-Free-Games users,

The new version of is online now. There are still things to do like adding more avatars, changing some pages and fixing some bugs. We keep working on these things.

Some notes:

  • You can log in to the site using your chat name and password, but if you have special symbols in your name, it will not work. Your name must include only English letters, numbers and basic punctuation (symbols you have on the keyboard). Otherwise you will not be able to use it to log in to the site.
  • If you are logged in to the site and to the chat with the same name at the same time and you change your name in the chat, the on site features will not work well until you re-login with the new name.

Please feel free to contact administration if you find more problems or have questions about new features.

P.S. Another good news is that the technical problem that caused the site to respond slowly has been fixed. The site is working much faster now.


The new design is finally here.

Tomorrow, December 16th,'s design will be changed which may make the site temporally unavailable or cause technical problems. The procedure is not supposed to take more than half an hour, so if the site doesn't work, please come back a bit later.

Sorry for the inconvenience.


Dear Sugar-Free-Games Mini Chat users,

Because of irresponsible behavior of some of the moderators, many people got unfairly banned in the last few days. If you are one of these people, please enter Sugar-Free-Games Mini Chat today and you'll get automatically unbanned.

Please remember that the amnesty is only valid for today. Sorry for the inconvenience.

: Dear visitors,
The site has just moved to a new server. We hope that the migration didn't cause you many problems and that from now on you'll enjoy a faster and a more stable connection. We're also working on a new version of that will have a different design and will include some new features. The release of the new version is planned for the beginning of December.
: Sugar-Free-Games Mini Chat has been fixed and is now compatible with all versions of Flash Player. If you keep having problems with the chat you may need to delete temporary internet files in your browser's options and refresh the page with the chat.
: has migrated to a new server. Most of the features are working, but there's a little problem with the chat. You can log in as a guest, but can't use your registered account. It's a technical problem we are working on. We hope to fix it soon. Meanwhile, please access the chat as guests.
: will be moving to a new server this week. Temporary technical problems may occur, some of your posts and chat registrations may be lost and probably there will not be any new games for a couple of days

We apologize for the inconvenience.
: A new version of Sugar-Free-Games Mini Chat is out now. The new version works much faster, has a better interface and some additional features. We hope you enjoy it.
: The next week (10-15 Mar) we will be upgrading server which means that there will be periods when will work badly or will not work at all. We do it to improve the site's performance and apologize for the inconvenience.

There's a new category at Food/Cooking Games.

Table Games category has been removed. Billiards moved to Sports Games and the rest of the table games to Puzzle Games

: has released a new game called Boys vs. Girls. In this game you need to protect you gender from the members of the opposite sex. This is a horizontal scroller action game. You walk left and right, jump and crouch with the keyboard and aim and shoot with the mouse. After each level there's a bonus game. Bonus games are different for boys and for girls. There's a total score competition in the top score table. Submit your score and increase your gender's total to make it overcome the one of the opposite sex. Click here or on the picture to the left to play the game now.
: "Submit a Game" page has been removed due to enormous amount of spam received through "Submit a Game" form. If you want to submit a game, please fill up the contact form leaving a link to your game or your contact e-mail.
: has a new feature: Sugar-Free-Games Mini Chat. From now on you can chat with other visitors while playing games or from the home page of the site.
: The main page of has been a little bit changed. There's no more "Game of the Week" category. It was replaced by "Hot Games" category that contains 4 most popular new games.
: wishes you a merry Christmas and a happy New Year. We have released a Christmas game where you need to help Santa get from the chimney to the fireplace connecting them with a sort of pipeline. The game's name is Santa's Chimney Trouble. Click here or on the image to play Santa's Chimney Trouble.
A game called 13 Guardians has been released. In this game you are fighting other warriors using your sword and your magic. You get a number of tiles that represent different moves and must use them smartly do defeat your opponent. You can improve skills and buy items in the end of each level. Click here to play 13 Guardians.
The third game from Anti-Games series has been released. This one is called Anti-Match3 and it's about not letting the computer win a Match Three game, filling the empty lines it creates. Click here to play Anti-Match3.
: has stepped up its comments moderation policy. From now on use of explicit language in game comments is strictly prohibited. All comments that contain such language will be deleted. We apologize for possible erroneous deletions of comments that do not fall under this category.
The second game from Anti-Games series has been released. The new game is called Anti-TD. It's opposite to Tower Defense games. Instead of building towers and killing enemy units, you build units and make them pass through enemy towers. Click here to play this game now.
A new game has been released. The game's name is Anti-Pacman and it's contrary to Pacman game. You must not let Pacman complete the level. You control the ghosts and must catch him before he eats all the dots.
Click here or on the icon to the left to play Anti-Pacman game.
: The site has been modified. Now the rating of the games is shown by 5 stars. The main page contains 3 latest games from each category. 3 game series have been removed and 3 new ones have been added. The new series are: Sue, El Tigre and The Simpsons
: Caravaneer version 1.15 is out now. Improvements made:
  • Better "Distribute Ammo" algorithm.
  • Easier return from "Bunker" mission.
  • Some minor bugs fixed.
: More bugs are fixed in Caravaneer version 1.13

Thanks to everyone who has reported bugs and helped improving the game.

Apart from the fixed bugs, in version 1.13 experience affects AP much stronger than in previous versions and the screen is moved faster when the arrow keys are used.

Caravaneer 1.1 is released. Apart from the fixed bugs, the new version has a number of new features:
  • There's an option to change the speed of the battle.
  • People's AP and Strength are affected by experience.
  • There's a mini menu in the battle mode, where you can change the speed, turn sound effects on or off and exit the game.
  • Health and AP have graphical meters in the battle mode.
  • The battle mode view area can be moved with the arrow keys.
  • Different categories of rifles have different sounds
  • Battle mode backgrounds have more details
Click here or on the news title to play the new version now.
: Caravaneer version 1.06 is out now. In this version there are no moonwalking invincible enemies and an improved personal cargo algorithm. Bunker battle has also been changed. Hopefully, it will not freeze anymore.
: Caravaneer version 1.04 & version 1.05:

Bugs fixed:
- Goods with undefined amount and high prices.
- Town wealth anomaly.
- Items that disappeared from shops.
- Freezing bazooka shooters in the final battle.
: Caravaneer version 1.03 is out now. There was a bug that made certain items disappear when you used them in a battle or tried to remove them. This bug is fixed in this version. There may be more bugs, but it seems like finally, the game is playable.
: Caravaneer version 1.02 has been released. This version has all Save/Load bugs fixed, so you can save and load without losing any information. However, if you have saved a game in 1.01 or an earlier version, you may keep having the same problems if you load it in version 1.02.

Please feel free to contact regarding any additional bugs.
The new game has finally been released. Its name is Caravaneer and it's an RPG game with step-by-step battles where you earn money transporting goods between different towns in a post-apocalyptic desert. The game is extremely realistic and you need to take care of thousands of things.
Click here to learn more about the game
or here to play it now.
: 10 new game series have been added to the Game Series category: Spider-Man, CatScratch, Heli Attack, Submachine, Charlotte's Web, Drakojan Skies, Nacho Libre, A.L.I.A.S., Stinky Bean and The Squirrel Family.
: We have added a new section called "Game of The Week". This section contains the most played game of the last 7 days.
: We have added a new category called "Game Series". Game series are two or more games with the same main character or characters. The series can be sagas or separate games with different stories. The new category is accessable from the home page right above this news article.
We have collected all 4 episodes of Scooby Doo game series and placed them all at one single page to make it more convenient for you.
Click here or on the image on the left to go to this page now.
: The release of the new exclusive game has been posponed until mid March. The game will be more sophisticated than it was planned initially. We hope you'll like it anyway :)
: has started a new project, an RPG/Strategy game where you will need to transport goods from town to town fighting robbers on your way. According to the current plan, the game will be released by the end of February. We hope you will like it.
: We hope you had great holidays and enjoyed playing "Sugar Free Super Hero: Chrismas Time" and other games at Be ready for more action, because we keep adding more games and have a couple of exclusive games under development.
: wishes you happy holidays and invites you to play a special Christmas game we have created for you. Click here or on the image on the left to play this game now. We will be addding more Christmas games in the nearest future. Merry Christmas and a happy new year.
: Sugar Free Games keeps growing. In a bit more that two weeks of our existence we have added 160 new games. Besides, we have added two exclusive games: The Waitress and From Space with Love. From now on, will be the home site of these games. We hope you enjoy playing them and promise to keep adding more.
: Sugar Free Games has been launched. We are still working on the site features and the content, but you already can enjoy some of the most exciting games on the internet.