Genre: Skill / Simulation
Added: 8-Apr-09
Played: 77,935 times
Rating: 7.37
This is another Easter game from Sugar-Free-Games.com. The purpose of the game is to produce painted eggs and sell them to Easter bunnies. Eggs come from hens. You need to make sure your hens have food and water. A hen will hot lay any eggs while it's out of food or out of water. Besides, If a hen spends some time hungry or thirsty, it'll need time to recover before it'll be able to lay eggs again. After you get an egg from hen you need to boil it. You have boilers with pots for this purpose. A boiled egg must be painted. You must not paint it to any color, but to the color ordered by the bunny. Try to set the color as close to the order as possible. Matching the color exactly gives you a double money bonus. In the end of each level you'll be able to shop for upgrades.
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